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Amazonian Personal Growth Medicine – Purging Wasca

Before anything else, ask the question: Why do you want to drink Ayahuasca?

“It is an X-ray machine, not only of the health, but of the virtue, maturity, humility, and equilibrium of the person. Since very few of us are saints, the shock between what you think yourself to be and what you really are produces strong reactions… The truth is not that yajé is too strong for us, but that we are too weak for it… [It] is a battle and the field of combat is in your guts… All you have to do is to let the vine carry out its work, but without a sufficient experience… you are stuck between the nausea and your fear, which produces an unbearable anguish, because it is a nightmare that seems to have no end. The evil spirits that you see in this fix, which are reflections of the battle between the true and false self, take on a life of their own, so as well as the physical pain and distress of self-recognition, you have to deal with monsters…. The feedback between [the drinker’s] fear and the fire in the guts drives the suffering into a spiraling descent, a circle so vicious and dizzying that he sometimes believes it will terminate in death…. There were still times when the terror was absolute, instants of dread that I will carry to my grave.” — Jimmy Weiskopf

“I will never forget what it was like. The overwhelming misery. The certainty of never-ending suffering. No one to help you, no way to escape. Everywhere I looked: darkness so thick that the idea of light seemed inconceivable…. the emotional charge of suffering nearly unbearable. I felt as if I would burst from heartbreak — everywhere, I felt the agony of humankind, its tragedies, its hatreds, its sorrows.” — Kira Salak

“Pablo said he had several frightening experiences with ayahuasca. Three times he thought he was going to die… Frightening ayahuasca experiences are quite frequent. It is common that people take ayahuasca only once, and are afraid to take it again…. Ayahuasca is not something to play with. It may even kill, not because it is toxic in itself, but because the body may not be able to stand the spiritual realm, the vibrations from the spirit world. [Note: it will not actually kill you, but it can make you believe that you are dying.] … ‘One needs courage, a strong discipline, and to proceed by degrees. It is a long process that might take two or three years before one can venture into the higher realms.'” — Luis Eduardo Luna and Pablo Amaringo

“Yagé is many things, but pleasant isn’t one of them.” — Wade Davis

“The worse the experience, the better the payoff. There is only one requirement for this work: You must be brave. You’ll be learning how to save yourself.” — Kira Salak

“I am within the battle, suffering but I’m happy.
In it I am learning what I did not yet know..” — Santo Daime hymn



1. Introduction of Ayahuasca
2. Effects of Ayahuasca
3. Preparation of Ayahuasca
4. Guidelines for Ayahuasca Rituals
5. Interesting links about Ayahuasca
6. Interesting books about Ayahuasca

1. Introduction of Ayahuasca:

Ayahuasca is a drink famous in the Amazon. Used by the many tribes for visionary, healing and cleansing ceremonies. It’s prepared traditionally in a number of different ways by the different tribes. It always includes an MAO inhibitor and depending on the tribe one of many various admixtures containing DMT. This is a powerful visionary and spiritual brew used for a very long time by the Shamans in Peru for healing and spiritual proposes. They believe this heals your spirit, soul and body.

The nature of Ayahuasca sets it apart from almost all other hallucinogens. The content and quality of these visions point towards a completely overwhelming occult scenario for the user. Users also seem to see the experience as real, not a “hallucination” in the usual sense of the word, and a portal to other worlds which exist alongside our own.

2. Effects of Ayahuasca:

What happens when you drink Ayahuasca is still a mystery to many people. The studies made into its history offer little insight into Ayahuasca’s transformational properties. Ayahuasca’s different effects follow a progressive path that includes cathartic and abreactive processes. Time is an important factor in this progression. Every experience reveals patterns and degrees of understanding according to the depth of previous experiences and the participants’ level of consciousness.

Ayahuasca is not a substance that can be defined through a consistency of effect. The memory constellations activated by Ayahuasca cannot be programmed, although the journey can be directed.  The pharmacological properties of the psychoactive compound in interaction with the biological antecedents are not enough to define the influence on the psyche. The compound will always interact with the psychological set of each individual (motivation, attitude, personality, mood, previous experiences) and the structure of the setting. The equation of those structures will be the result which influences the effect and the kind of journey to be experienced. The substance changes its effect on the brain according to the outside influence of the setting, a synthesis of the surrounding environment and the presence of one’s teacher, even more than the current emotional state of the participant. A person who takes it alone, for example, will have a totally different experience than if taken with some one who can direct the energy created by the Ayahuasca, enhancing its effects and shaping the journeys toward the place in the mind where God resides, which is the source for transformation.

The first stage of the effect is the change of modality of the senses. During the first ninety minutes, hearing becomes accentuated and feelings expand. From here the journey can take any direction.  As one enters other dimensions, leaving the plane of the physical body, a sense of floating in the air may occur.

3. Preparation of Ayahuasca:

First make a mix of 75% of the MAOI (Peganum Harmala, Banisteriopsis Caapi) and 25% of DMT (Mimosa Hostilis, Psychotria Viridis, and Diplopterys Cabrerana).  Add lemon (or lime) juice and water and cook this for 4 to 6 hours.

While the first one is cooking start the second, where you add the rest of the ingredients add Lemon (or lime), add water and let it cook for 4 to 6 hours.

When the first one is finished drink a glass slowly wait 30 minutes to hour and drink the second mixture slowly.

Note: In order to bring life back into the dried wood, it must first be brought into contact with water for 24 hours. Water is life, and by steeping the Liana in water for a full day/night cycle the spirit can enter back into the Ayahuasca. It will also become much easier to work with the vine. The material becomes soft and pliable. Simply split the whole vine lengthwise, and roughly break the pieces. Add enough water to cover the vine and leave for a day and a night.

The next day, the fibers will be soft, and after removing them from the water, they can easily be pounded with a hammer on a rock or other hard surface. Do this until all fibers are flattened and split so there is no need for further shredding or powdering.

4. Guidelines for Ayahuasca Rituals:

• Contra-indication with food:Do not consume any of the following nutrients during the day of the ritual: aged cheeses, wine, beer, cocoa, yeast extract, pineapple, soy sauce, cream, avocados, bananas, liver, coffee, figs, raisins, yogurt, sauerkraut, pickled herring;

• Do not eat anything 4 hours prior to rituals;
• Contra-indications with medicines and drugs:

Any medicine containing MAO inhibitors (Neural Enzyme Monoamine Oxidase) and or SSRIs such as anti-depressants like Prozac etc. can lead to coma and eventually to death when taken in combination with Ayahuasca or it’s analogues.

Sedatives and Tranquilizers, Antihistamines, Narcotics, Amphetamines, Asarone/Calamus, Tryptophan (large doses), Tyrosine (large doses), Phenelanine (large doses), Macromerine, decongestants, allergy medications, cold medications, diet pills, Methylphemidate, Asthma-inhalers, Meperidine, Levopoda, Dopamine, Carbamazipine, some antihypertensive medications, Sympathomimetic Amines (acting directly and/or indirectly), including Pseudoephedrine and Ephedrine.

• Do not drink alcohol and/or use drugs such as Mescalin, Cocaine, Heroine, XTC or 2CB and/or other Phenethylamines on the day of the ritual. Should you be a user of any of the above mentioned substances, or take any prescribed drugs, please inform the people you are drinking with;

• Wear white clothes to rituals. If white clothes are not available, wear light colors– no black or red;
• Have a blanket, a cushion and/or a pillow, warm clothes and a bottle of water with you for a comfortable journey;
• Avoiding sexual orgasms three days before and three days after the ritual will enhance your experience. Practicing Tantra, however, is highly recommended;
• Be aware!!! Should you have suffered or are still suffering psychiatric problems, psychosis or any mental disorder, you cannot and you should not attend to any Ayahuasca rituals unless under strict medical supervision.

5. Interesting links about Ayahuasca

6.  Interesting books about Ayahuasca

• Ayahuasca: Human Consciousness and the Spirits of Nature, by Metzner, Ralph
• Ayahuasca Visions, by Luis Eduardo Luna, Amaringo, Pablo
• The Four Winds : A Shaman’s Odyssey into the Amazon, by Alberto Villoldo, Erik Jendresen


My Banisteriopsis Caapi (Left) & Psychotria Viridis (Right)

“Ayahuasca has this ability to rewire your brain, it takes you back to another world that we have forgotten, why the human brain has atrophied, and why so much of it doesn’t seem to function in any particular way is a mystery, but the Ayahuasca experience takes you into these other worlds, and because the Aya experience is ordered, and because it’s logical and structured in there, it is like going to a lesson, where ever you finish one Aya journey, even if you go back a year later you pick up from where you finished, so it’s like a curriculum, and that curriculum shows you aspects of yourself, and sometimes physical healings go on or visionary experiences, or its an experience inside the mysteries of life, or the mysteries of nature. It seems to me a fantastic tool to teaching people a transdimensional world.”

“Ayahuasca completely alters your view of the world, even once is enough, once you have seen this other world, this transdimensional world of Aya the Goddess, Aya the Teacher, it really changes your view of the world, but I also think it changes it for the better because it makes you so much more compassionate.” – Stuart Wilde

“Research has been done on people who have done Ayahuasca, and they have come up with this concept called hemispheric fusion, what that means is the average human brain approaches sensory input in 1 of 2 ways, either in an analytical approach or an intuitive approach, either a left or right brained approach. One of the things they discovered with EEG experiments is that during an Ayahuasca experience, both sides of their brains are turned on, there is an analytical component and an intuitive component that are happening simultaneously, and this seems to carry on then and become their experience as they go forth after the Ayahuasca Journey.”

“With one of the things with Ayahuasca, by taking a molecule from a plant source, that has identically the same chemistry as the molecule in the brain, it seems to reactivate the pineal, which is a second-site, and a visionary brain begins to be awakened. ” – Ralph Miller

La Purga

Purging during an ayahuasca ceremony is not like performing normal bodily functions. In holistic health and yoga communities the mind and body connection is emphasized. People meditate to be more present, thinking less and experiencing more, clearing the head of mental detritus. More extreme detoxifying hot yoga classes have become more popular all across the United States. Bikram’s yoga class, for example, a 90 minute workout including 2 sets of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a 100+ degree room, with 50% humidity, was designed to detoxify the body and mind. People go to saunas to sweat out holiday debauchery, while ecstatic dance and Pilates awaken the repressed feminine. The list of metaphors and exercise practices related to detoxification both psychologically and bodily could go on, but nothing I have experienced comes anywhere close to what it feels like to purge and detoxify the body and mind in an ayahuasca ceremony. Ayahuasca purging is in a league of its own.

When I purge during an ayahuasca ceremony, it is not just the physical release, and it is not just the emotional, spiritual, or psychological release, but the phenomenal combination of all of the above into an astronomically unique event that makes the purge life altering. I mean never ever the same again. A scream becomes the unique story of an entire lifetime, reaching out into the periphery of individual freedom and diva-like melody. By screaming you claim back something repressed, fragmented or forgotten.

A vomit sounds inhumanly grotesque, painful, relevant, funny, and finally desperate, until somewhere a mountain crumbles and boulders drop like rain off the side of a cliff centuries old and steeped in words like “karma,” and “original sin.” Every muscle of the body forces bile and stress out of your soul. And it’s not just vomit. It’s everything you’ve been holding onto for the past six years. People releasing baggage like typhoons and avalanches.

At the same time it’s not all painful or scary. Laughter during an ayahuasca ceremony is the reunion of thousands of lost children and is often accompanied by tears and sobs like earthquakes, until you laugh so hard you vomit again like the birth of a star. This purge is soul shifting. It is the plate tectonics of your reality. People don’t just lose it when they purge. They feel every shred of their existence, of what it really means to be human, until they might burst, and then they explode and survive anyway.

I remember how my very first ayahusaca purge started, evolved, and finally finished my first night at El Puma Negro lodge. – Taken from Book:


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