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Life and Works of Gopi Krishna

Pandit Gopi Krishna is a Spiritual Genius!  One in a long line of gurus and saints who achieved partial or full enlightenment, such as Ramakrishna, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, Moses, Guru Nanak, Shankara, Lao Tzu and many others, some who are known to history and some not.

Gopi Krishna was born in 1903, and at the age of 34, while meditating one morning, he experienced the sudden and forceful awakening of his “Kundalini/Frontal Lobe”, which he described in full detail years later in his autobiography, Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man. From that day, till the end of his life, the energy was fully active in his body and eventually brought about a radical, permanent transformation of his perceptive faculties.

Gopi Krishnas last 25 years were devoted to bringing the attention of the world to this phenomenon. His seventeen published books, innumerable articles, discourses and speeches have presented a clear and concise account of the Kundalini process, a theory for its explanation and the role it plays in the evolution of both the individual consciousness and of the race as a whole.

Although he was not a ‘mystic’ from birth he caused his self-Transformation accidentally by stimulating the mechanism for “Nirvana Experience” inside each and every human brain, namely in the anterior part of primate brain, brahma-rendra. Sahasrara. Or? The Frontal Lobes!! Exactly.

I’ll quote Krishna;
“The ultimate aim of meditation is to arouse to activity a dormant area in the brain. It is not the pineal gland, nor the pituitary. The awakening of Kundalini does not refer to a mere glandular change or a shift in the hormonal activity of the body. It clearly involves the operation of a new power in the body and the activation of a hitherto silent area in the brain. The traditional name for this still unidentified area is Brahma-Rendra, or the Cavity of Brahma, in India. It is the target for which Yoga is practiced. It is the real goal of all spiritual and occult disciplines of mankind.”

“This is the, hitherto, undivulged secret of Kundalini: the human cerebrospinal system is capable of a new, amazing activity which is still completely unknown to science. The practice of meditation, carried on in the proper way, regularly for a sufficient duration of time, tends to force a normally silent region in the brain to an astonishing activity which, like an electric current, galvanizes the nervous system to an action which is never experienced in the normal state.”

“Looking back at the events that followed the first awakening, seems to me to be obvious now that the intensity of concentration, exercised for many years, had slowly stimulated to activity a small area in the brain directly above the palate and below the crown of the head. The exquisite sensations I felt moving up the spine, which stopped and disappeared when my mind was diverted, was the beginning of a new activity in the cerebrospinal system which will be determined by science in the course of time.”

“Kundalini represents the upgrading mechanism behind the evolution of the human brain.”

“I never understood it at that time, but the actual position was that my very first experience of the awakening was the outcome of a widening of my cognitive center in the brain. When I returned back to the normal state of my consciousness, after the expansion, which I witnessed during the period of my ecstasy, I was not the same inner being as before. The area of my awareness had widened, and this expansion had become a permanent feature of my personality.”

“The outcome was that I found myself in possession of a new power of perception which invested all the objects perceived with an ethereal light, not borrowed from the sun or any artificial source of light, but inherent in the observing consciousness itself. It was not the faculty of sight alone which underwent this change. The senses of hearing, touch, taste and smell also became more refined and sensitive. Not only this, but the intellect became more penetrating and imagination more vivid and powerful. The feeling of love for my family, friends, and the world in general, which I seemed to have lost for some time,returned with greater intensity. Slowly a new personality was shaping itself in the same body and the same brain that had housed another one before.”

“Human Brain is still in the process of evolution towards a more perfect state, in which a still superior pattern of consciousness is possible. After the awakening, Kundalini is led step by step towards sahasrara. (Sahasrara = Frontal Lobes)

Out of hundreds who succeed in arousing the power and forcing the organic essence to rise up the spine, perhaps not even one is able, even with sustained efforts, to carry it to Brahma-Rendra. This is the reason why the number of those who have achieved the genuine mystical experience has been so small. In the initial stages, it is hard to hold Kundalini at a chakra for more than a few minutes at a time. After that it slides back to its dormant position at the base of the spine, when the light in the head, the sounds in the ears and the exquisite sensation that attends its ascent, also come to a stop. But once the rapture is experienced, the seeker tries his utmost to experience it again and again in the same way as a youngster, initiated into the secrets of love, is often tempted to repeat the experience as often as possible.

All of Gopi Krishna’s unpublished writings –more than 15,000 pages– are being preserved deep beneath the Zurich Central Library in Switzerland.

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