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Life and Works of TD Lingo

TDA Lingo. One of the Greatest Geniuses in History

The ability of persons to control their amygdala and experience limitless frontal lobes pleasure responses was proven by a 30 year controlled study by brain and behavior researcher T.D.A. Lingo at the Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory in Blackhawk, Colorado. Between 1957 and 1987 over three hundred and nine students and test subjects along with hundreds of additional part time participants were involved in long and short term brain education, behavioral, and thought modification programs. The resultant increases in intelligence, creativity, and positive emotions were demonstrated and measured by a variety of objective and subjective means, standardized tests and analysis methods. Lingo reports that this included 10 to 40 point increases on the Stanford-Binet I.Q. test, and 500% to 1400% increases on the Getzels-Jackson Creativity Index.


Random testimony from a Brain students of his:

I’ve been a student of consciousness expansion and spirituality for over 35 years, and have taken more than 100 workshops, trainings, and classes in consciousness development, starting at the age of 19 with T. D. Lingo. I was one of his early “experiments.” Lingo was an amazing teacher, a true hidden genius. Nutty as hell, in some ways, but certifiably brilliant in many others. [Neil Slade is not considered by any of Lingo’s students “his successor,” but rather an egoist who is using Lingo’s materials (unauthorized) to promote himself. Nothing surprising there.] Lingo did not expect to die, so his estate was a mess, and although he promised to pass his amazing school property (250 acres of prime Colorado mountain property, log cabins, pump well, wind generator-driven printing press) to one or another of his students, it ended up in the hands of his adopted drug addicted son (long abandoned), who sold it for $3M to developers.* Too bad, because Lingo lived in basic poverty, struggling to become known, although his unique and quirky writing style and manner turned almost everybody off.

I have the only (to my knowledge) complete version of his 100-lesson workbook*, which I’m trying to get the legal right to publish. He was democratic in the extreme, stressing self-therapy, brain self-control, and self-empowerment all the way. He stated clearly that he didn’t want to be a guru, but of course, at some level he wanted people to buy his point of view whole hog and work for him for free. We disagreed on that point (and many others) many times, but I studied with him for four years, and consider him to be my first TRUE teacher. He released me from the bonds of my historical programming, and freed me to explore on my own. He had a great heart, and was generous with many people, but also had a harsh and angry streak when people weren’t generous to him in kind. He lost students about as fast as he got them. He was an original — and his death was a real tragedy. I hope to write a book about him one day.

~ Lion Goodman

Video’s of TD Lingo

(TDA Lingo on KOAA, “Noonday” September 10-11, 1980) ~ Part I

(TDA Lingo on KOAA, “Noonday” September 10-11, 1980) ~ Part II

‘Clicking’ the Amygdala -Component

This phrase is coined by T.D.A. Lingo and it refers to either automatic (reactive non-deliberate) or conscious deliberate activation of amygdaloid body processes (by cortex influence).

The power to click is a simple gift from life. The clicking is a simple shunting of incoming neutral-valenced cosmic consciousness backward into old rootstern. or forward into frontal lobes, as needed; as self-chosen.

The purpose of choosing to master the skill of brain self-control is to choose each moment’s state of consciousness— state of ego; is to maximize your primary creative production— pre-conscious production— of work for mankind and humankind; is to help perfect planet Earth via educating child to whole brain harmony; is to understand and flow with cosmic unity.

Click the Oh-mig-dolly

Neil Slade often claims to be acting in behalf of the Lingo estate. In all fairness, we should look at then entire chain of events that transpired upon Lingo’s death. To begin with Neil Slade was one of the first individuals to find out about the death of TD. Upon hearing of Lingo’s death, Neal took it upon himself to go to the property of Lingo and take at least 2 known items…a 1940’s Martin guitar, and a preserved brain. A 1940’s Gibson banjo was also taken, and is in the possession of one Harmony Asning Stang. It took the Lingo’s family members several days to arrive from San Francisco, and other individual arrived on the property the weekend following Lingo’s estate.

One individual who was familiar with the property inventory found that almost everything of value had gone missing. This included, but was not limited to: 3 chain saws, WWII medals and uniforms that were TD’s, a Nazi flag and luger, a Winchester 30-06, numerous tools, post hole digger, etc. The whereabouts of these items are still unknown. If Slade states that he is acting in behalf of the Lingo Estate, then he should be able to produce legal documents stating such. To date none of these documents have ever been presented, most likely because they do not exist. Consequently, it would be safe to say that Slade does not represent the Estate of Lingo. The family of Lingo had a very negative perception of Slade. The accused Slade of: 1) supplying TD with copious amounts of Vodka, which one family member  swears lead to the death of Lingo. It should be noted that Lingo had a congenital heart disease and no correlation between Lingo’s vodka consumption and deal was ever made. 2) the family was steep in religion, and was deeply offended when they found statements in Lingo’s journal that Slade had provided Lingo with very young women, women that Lingo had sex with. Given these 2 perceptions of Slade by the family, then it seems highly unlikely that they would put Slade in charge of any intellectual or real property of TD Lingo. All that Neal Slade needs to do to clear this matter is present the legal documentation.

One only has to go to the Slade website to see that Slade has assumed the duty of being Lingo’s protégée. Slade likes to post letters that Lingo wrote him. Letters where Lingo showers Slade with praise and all kinds of accolades. Slade also states that Lingo wanted him to “inherit” all of Lingo’s real property. This, according to Slade, was made in front of several witnesses. But, unfortunately is inadmissible in court.  To add credibility to his own self-worth, Slade likes to belittle others. This belittling includes posting posting for public perusal personal letters between Lingo and other individuals. Besides being unethical, one has to question why a “successful” person like Slade would resort to such tactics? Does it matter to Slade’s work what Lingo said about someone 20-30 years ago? Heck, I had a girlfriend in 1985. So what? It is time to move on, but for some reason Slade feels that he must air his dirty laundry in public. Any program that is valid, will stand on its own merits and the capitalist marketplace will ultimately determine the acceptance of such. But the real question to be addressed is: “Does Slade properly represent the work of TD Lingo?”

It is true that Lingo talked of amygdala clicking, and multiple orgasms. Slade has adopted the amygdala gimmick and added a splash of cloud bursting, but this is not representative of Lingo’s work. The 2 major components of Lingo’s work were: 1) Primal Nature, and 2) Self-Therapy. Lingo based his Primal Nature component upon the works of the American Transcendentalist movement, represented by the like of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau, etc. Lingo also often used the Thoreau phrase: “”In Wildness Is the Preservation of the World.” Nature was the natural healing agent that the modern brain needed to clear it of cultural entropy. No where in Slades writing will you read anything about primal nature, or the role it plays in healing the brain from past traumas. In fact, Slade avoids what was ultimately the core of Lingo’s work…Self-Therapy. according to Lingo, only by identify past traumas, dealing with them via “Self Trauma Drama, rewriting the “scene”, and then forgiving could one attain self-realization. Does Slade teach Self-Therapy in his body of work. To date there has been no proof of such. 3) The last component that TD felt was imperative to self-realization, and to physical/intellectual/emotional/spiritual maturity was the “community service” component. According to Lingo, only when one was willing to give/work for others in a non-egotistically manner could he/she truly mature. Lingo taught that community service should not be seen as a means to an end, but as an end in itself. Lingo always judged the validity of any program by the emphasis they put on true community service, and the willingness of the leaders of any group to persuade/lead others into performing community service. How does Slade’s program address community service.

Ultimately, if Slade’s program is truly a representation of Lingo’s work then it should have: a primal nature component, it should teach self-therapy, and it should emphasize community service. To just grab a marketing gimmick like “amydala clicking” or “multiple orgasms” and run with it, is to avoid the ultimate goal of TD Lingo. That goal was to help the individual attain full emotional maturation in order to save planet earth. You mature by doing your therapy within primal nature, and you help save the planet by helping others and working for the good of others and the planet. Words are just words, but the actions of any man or woman can tell us all that we need to know to determine if the individual is truly sincere in helping the planet survive…and this is what Lingo wanted.

Brain and Behavior Researcher T.D.A. Lingo, Ph.B., B.Sci. M.A.

Rest in Peace Buddy. See you Soon. Love Always

Download this Documentary by pasting the Links below in;

Brain Lab Documentary, Part I;
Brain Lab Documentary, Part II;
Brain Lab Documentary, Part III;
Lingo, T.D. Mountain memory meditation, 1959.
Lingo, T.D. Frontal lobes self-circuiting. Unpublished manuscript, 1965.
Lingo, T.D. Brain dormancy release, 1967.
Lingo, T.D. Four power click of the amygdala, 1972.
Lingo, T.D. Sex self-therapy. Unpublished manuscript, 1976.
Lingo, T.D. Telepathy. Unpublished manuscript, 1976.
Lingo, T.D. Child program research report. Unpublished manuscript, 1976.
Lingo, T.D. Self-cure. Unpublished manuscript, 1976.
Lingo, T.D. Case study: Angelena Carmella, 1977.
Lingo, T.D. Case study: Suka Deva, 1979.


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  2. I dig the blog. You might want to check out
    He’s got some free audio’s of his talks at retreats you might like.

  3. I have a thick file folder of materials sent to me by T.D. Lingo when I was editor of the University of Chicago Magazine (the alumni mag) from 1965 to 1969. These are mostly commentaries in response to something he read in the UCMag that interested him. If some responsible person is collecting or archiving his writings, please contact me. Many thanks.
    Conrad Kulawas
    64 Rector Street
    East Greenwich RI 02818
    401 885-2027

    • The materials mentioned above were sent to the University of Chicago Alumni Association to be filed or otherwise disposed of. T.D. Lingo’s name while briefly a student at Uof C was “Lez-Chuk” or something similar. Conrad Kulawas

  4. Thank you for additional information. I have been researching Slade and his work for the past week, and within the last day began stumbling upon curiosities regarding Slade’s relationship to Lingo. So my research has been redirected from Slade’s parlour trick of cloudbusting (haven’t tried it yet, to be honest) to Lingo’s breakdown of neuromechanics, the latter of which I am rather fond.

    I would love to have gotten to know TDA Lingo. Cheers.

  5. N.B. The SelfTranscendenceWorkbook PDF is exactly what I was looking for. My sincerest appreciations for this resource, Z.M. to the R.

  6. Neil Slade was the guest last night at the Coast-To-Coast AM radio talk show. Previous to his guesting last night, I had never heard of T.D. Lingo. Listening to Slade, I did get an intuitive sense, however, that there was something dubious about Slade’s presentation of himself and his alleged work handed down to him by Lingo. I am inclined to give credence to your exposition here.

    Where can I learn more about Lingo and his neuroscientific research findings and methodologies, as well as techniques for stimulating the frontal cortex of the brain? I have been doing my own studies on neuroscience and how it is explaining, or at least approximating, the territory of mysticism and mystical experience. I have a blog site here at ContemplatingTruth.

    Please let me hear back from you on the foregoing matters. I would also like to learn more about yourself and your involvement with Lingo’s research. I look forward to your response. Thank you.

    • Hi, I found this blog accidentally and have posted some material as well as contacted “Conrad” that left a post before yours.

      I haven’t spoken to Slade since 1993 at the funeral. I was 23 at the time and T.D. had mentored me for 18 months. T.D. was an odd character juggling many many egos who were out for his love and affection. I wouldn’t be so sure that you would have “liked to know him”. Haha.

      Yep, what is happening is dubious, because nobody seems to know what they are doing, except create websites slinging mud at each other. It is so pathetic. Anyway, I posted one or two things at the bottom.

      Good luck.

  7. Glad you find it helpful for you personal Growth Francis! 🙂

    Hello Marc,
    I am glad I have helped you clear out some of the misconceptions about all this stuff 🙂

    I have translated the ST-Workbook on my Croatian language too, along with many professional journals T.D. wrote and some other useful stuff too. These are all uploaded on my Scribd bookshelf:

    Also, I have uploaded many T.D’s pictures on my Pinterest Board:

    This page is jam packed with Lingo’s materials:

    I wish you well

    Doc NiRo

    • Hi NiRo,

      Have you had any experience with Lingo’s combing technique? (or do you know of anyone that has?)

      I saw the short write up on it that Lingo wrote, but it doesn’t really give detail on how to actually do it (pressure, speed, frequency, etc.).

      I have a feeling that this technique could be very powerful, just need to find out more specifics on how to best do it — I know I can easily master this and get great benefits for myself and others.

      This is one of the few things from Lingo that I haven’t been able find more detail on.

      Any leads at all would be much appreciated.


      (feel free to email me at: billyfreeman999 at yahoo dot com)

  8. I was just starting to resurrect an old website of mine and stumbled across this blog while looking for a photo of TDA Lingo. I learned about him over ten years ago via Neil Slade’s website. Somehow, I missed all the controversy and don’t want to jump into it other than to say that I have found the simple technique Slade calls “amygdala clicking” works marvellously for me. That’s not an endorsement, though. I guess it’s like meditation: it works because it works, not because of who taught it to you.

    Anyway, the PDF is a real gem. I would like to offer it on my site (for free, of course). I will also put a link to this site and any other site you might recommend. Thanks for a real eye-opening blog.

    • Re: “Slade calls “amygdala clicking” works marvellously for me”

      Hi Rob,

      Could you please tell me how to do Slade’s “amygdala clicking” ?

      I appreciate it very much.

      • It wasnt slade’s “amygdala clicking”
        It was lezchuk’s

  9. I’m a long time watcher and I just imagined I’d stop by and say hello for the first time. I actually take pleasure in your posts. Cheers

  10. […] Life and Works of TD Lingo TDA Lingo. One of the Greatest Geniuses in History The ability of persons to control their amygdala and experience limitless frontal lobes pleasure responses was proven by a 30 year controlled study by brain and behavior researcher T.D.A. Source: […]

  11. Students quite often squabble over a masters teachings. As a student of T.D. I can vouch for his works!

    • Students need to become masters instead of walking in the shadow of a dead old man. ;-D

  12. Greetings to ye! For those who do not know me, my medicine name was/is “Thunderhawk.” I met Lingo in 1972, and spent many years on Laughing Coyote Mountain helping him build the place, in-gather fire wood, conduct workshops/lessons, and just living with him within the solitude of Primal Nature. I have known Nino for several years now, and have done considerable work with him. Though he is the one who provides the influx of energy and the motivation to get Lingo’s material out there into the public.

    I have not had many doings with Slade, though he does have a dislike for me. I will not get into any details now, nor will I waste anyone’s time by going back into the past and trying to explain the antics that occurred…far too entropic.

    Anyway, Nino has done a good job in getting to the heart of what is required to reach the stars: 1) Primal Nature, 2) Self-therapy, 3) Community Service, and 4) Meditation. There is no quick and easy way, nor can one merely click a switch and commune with God. It takes a lot of work, self-discipline, and a willingness to put your own ego needs aside.

    The PDF file mentioned above is from my site and is rather old. I have a more current, though incomplete, version available here: Just scroll down to the STW section and you can open a chapter at a time. I have taken the liberty to edit some of the text, though not much at all, and have added many images. Not merely images of bloody rabbits, but images of the DNA sequence, 4-D space, the brain, etc. Please note that I have not finished the book yet, but will someday. If anyone would like to help me, then please contact me through Nino.

    Anyone may post the book on their own Web site, but nobody has the legal right to edit the material, to sell any of the material, or to wrongfully present the material as being their own. TD wrote the book, and I have merely edited it and plastered some images in it. If you do use the book or any of the material that I have, all I ask is that you link back to my site. An email to me would be nice also. If you have questions…well, you know what to do.

    Finally, there are several articles such as: and the entire “Creative Problem Solving” section that I have written myself. The CPS paper was actually part of my Master’s Thesis.

    There is one individual out there who will say that these papers are not mine, but were taken from Lingo despite the fact that I have the original notes, drafts, etc. When I start talking about statistics and probabilities is where I left Lingo. Lingo did not work with the language of mathematics, though I did. That in itself should be enough to convince most that the work is mine and mine alone. Some of the papers are being used at such schools as” North Eastern, George Washington U, WSU, etc. In fact, my CPS material is being used this semester by a class being taught at a university in Vermont. My point is not to brag, but to encourage those who would like to use my material anyway they see fit. I do not want money, merely present the material as it was intended to be presented and spread the word.

    In Faith,

    Ron Thunderhawk

  13. Hi thanks for the book. I purchased all Neil slades stuff and this is much more informative than the cookee descriptions that he uses.

  14. I agree with Lion Goodman’s comments. Although Neil Slade was nice enough to pick me up at the airport when I flew to Denver for the funeral on the mountain on May 22, 1993 and I also met up with Harmonie and Hanan Korman. I remember in detail, being 23 years old, Korman was scrambling around the cabins looking for paperwork that would support ownership. That is the reason why they contacted me in Miami, because Lingo had placed me on his “Board of Directors” which basically meant nothing… because the 40s-somethings (Korman, Goodman, etc.) that went to the mountain in the early 70s… were ALSO placed on Board of Directors. There were too many people. So they tried to put me on an “Advisory Board”. I said: “bye bye”.

    Neil seems to be stuck on “supercharged frontal lobes” and “dormant frontal lobes”. I have long abandoned that concept because their is too much pointing in opposite directions. Is the brain 90% dormant. Nope. What do PET and fMRI scans show of the frontal lobes? Active. Is the brain a hologram? Probably. Are we living in a matrix? True in my experience. However, we all thank T.D. for his mountain wisdom! ;-D

    But don’t worry kiddies. It has taken me 20 years, through thick and thin, and I am ready to publish my book after 2 re-writes and one lost USB flash drive (haha). I am not a protege of Lingo although he did mentor me for 18 months. I do not “follow in his footsteps”… Lingo was someone that touched my life at a time where I had already experienced the “nirvana transcendence implosion” but DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO GET IT AGAIN. I earned his respect and his techniques which I received on November 5, 1992 as a reward for helping him market “brain self-control” to 330+ major U.S. newspapers. Any responses after all of my stamp licking?: “Sorry, not interested.”

    I managed to get a personal handwritten response from Donald Graham of the Washington Post: “having seen what people do with 10% of their brains I don’t think I want to see more”. Also, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. of the NY Times sent me a personal letter “We appreciate… but the Times won’t be pursuing your column of brain articles.” Those were fun days of innocence and self-discovery.

    Since his death, it has taken 20 years to come full circle…to “fill out” with many experiences and wisdom. Otherwise this can all be written on a grain of rice (haha). I can’t wait for you to read my book.

    Thanks for honoring my mentor, T.D.A. Lingo. I have much much story to tell, but I admit, probably not as much as those who are in their 60s now (as I am in my 40s).. who met Lingo during the hippie movement. God bless them.

    Ivan Gutierrez, Jr.

    • Hi Ivan,

      That is a beautiful tribute to Lingo.
      I appreciate you!


  15. P.S.: It was by accident that I found this blog but started to do some web searches and found several websites in which the older group is fighting like politicians… Slade, Goodman, etc. Are you kidding me?

    Grow up guys.. you’re in your 60s pushing 70. If you can’t experience the “nirvana transcendence implosion” and understand it, describe it… then what is the point in “intellectual rights” of Lingo’s typewritten manuscripts???

    With all do respect to his genius, contributions and life accomplishments, he told me in 1992… it is ‘ROCK SOUP’.. his letters and manuscripts must be simplified for the masses (asses): Entropy. They are creative madness unless you are at his level… which very few people are in this world. That is where the younger generation comes in, those who did it, understand it, describe it, and can teach it.

    Forget about his manuscripts. Write your own… but be sure you know what you are doing!

    Again, Ivan 😀

  16. I had a best friend in high school that went to live on the mountain in 1974 or 1975 I believe. Her bestowed name was Laughing Filly. She later left in some disillusionment and at one point gave me her “syllabus” and other booklets from there, which I tried. to read but never really understood. My friend died in the mid-90s in her early ’40s. I would like to speak with anyone who remembers Laughing Filly. Her time on the mountain changed her forever.

  17. I found Slade’s own history of Lingo and the brain lab, easily a much more convincing and reliable source of information than this page.

  18. I was about to start using the Self Transcendence Workbook when I came upon the controversy over Lingo’s legacy, etc. Now I’m not sure whether to dive in or set it on fire.
    Anybody actually ever USE the Workbook? Is it worth a serious effort?

    ~ ADecker

    • Set it on fire. HIs best work is “How Your Brain Works” (c) 1993 which I word processed for him back in Jan 1993 and is less than 25 pages. I saw “Self Transcendence Workbook”, 550 pages in the workings and do not believe that anyone in this world, except probably someone at a monastery in Tibet with nothing better to do, will bother to entertain.

      Nirvana is not hard… it is easy. Forget about frontal lobes. Forget about 90% dormant brain.

      Just focus on the front portion of the amygdala and let your own inner intentions induce the experience. It is already in ya.

      Good Luck.

      • Thanks Ivan.

        Do you know where I can grab a copy of “How Your Brain Works” ? I’m curious due to your endorsement. Also, what about your book? Is it available yet?

      • No need for books… here are the steps. Google “amygdala organ” to get an idea of where the double-organ is… one in the left hemisphere and one in the right hemisphere. Then follow the steps.

        (1) Go into meditation.

        (2) See the amygdalas in your mind’s eye.

        (3) Imagine a golden laser beam from universe

        (4) Split the golden laser beam into two seperate beams.

        (5) Insert one beam in the left FRONT amygdala… and one beam into the right FRONT amygdala. You are about to give an injection of golden energy.

        (6) In your mind, visualize the golden laser beams getting stronger… level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… 10… visualizing the flow getting stronger and the amygdalas filling up with golden energy.

        (7) Be patient. It took me 20 minutes the first time.

        (8) The nirvana transcendence implosion should happen.

        (9) Your third eye will expand, a portal/wormhole will open and you will be filled and will ascend simultaneously.

        (10) The experience is not permanent… but it gives you an idea of who you are, where you come from and the love/ecstasy that is on the other side.

        Good Luck.

      • That is exactly how I got my first BIG Brain “Popp!” in June, 20, 2006, by using guided imagery just as you have explained here.

        L.A.S.E.R. beam coming from the universe, split the beam in two, insert one needle in L-Amygdala and the other in R-Amygdala. Increase the Voltage.

        I also added something of my own to the mix, I was at the same time squeezing my PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, as it is apparently the “energy generator”, so I would use energy going UP the spine and also bringing it there to mix in with the laser beam.

        I have somewhere Lingo’s Radio Interview, 28 mins long where he explains exactly this. I am recovering a lot of historical data and will try to make public everything I am legally entitled to recover. Lingo will never be forgotten. Tips in mind:

        1. Self Therapy. 2. Primal Nature. 3. Community Service. 4. Amygdala Meditation. 5. Nirvana/Transcendence.

        •*¨ƸӜƷ *•♥*•.¸.•* ♥•.•*¨ƸӜƷ *•♥•*¨ƸӜƷ

        Life is Love
        In Holy Robes
        Merely Popp
        Your Frontal Lobes
        Be a Child

        Laugh — and then Grow up Quick
        Mutate — Transcend!

      • Where can I get a copy of “How Your Brain Works”?

        Thanks you!

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  20. hey Guys and Gals,

    Did any of you encounter Lingo’s “Combing” technique? I saw a brief description of it, but not much detailed suggestion (how much pressure to use, how slowly to do it, how often, etc.). It sounds VERY powerful and very useful. I’ve contacted a few folks, but no one knows about it.

    Any further tips (and even success stories) would be much appreciated.

    • Hello Bill,

      I will send you a file in a few days.
      Lingo himself, explaining the comb technique.

      Take Care


      • Awesome. Thanks!

  21. If there are any folks who would like to occasionally Skype, to share experiences and insights with this work (and any related work), I’d be happy to be in touch with like minded people.

    We expand our consciousness even faster and more deeply (and it’s even more fun) when we relate our experiences with others who are into similar lines of thought.

    If anyone knows of anyone who might be interested in this kind of “networking”, please let me know.


  22. Just wanted you all to know that TD Lingo has other family beside those which have been referenced in the commentaries posted. TD’s blood brother, the late William T Lezchuk, my Dad, legal heir to the estate, appointed me to legally act in his stead, due to health problems. I traveled to Colorado and took care of some immediate needs and met with several of my uncle’s students. In the mean time (Paul’s) TD’s stepson and son were located by us. Obviously seeking monetary gain, they retained legal assistance and were given the rights to TD’s belongings and property.
    I currently am still in possession of quite a bit of material and personal papers which belonged to him. The land and other items on the property all became under their safe keeping.

  23. Just stumbled upon your website, and would like to place a link on my blog, which is based on my experiences at Lingo’s camp in the 1960’s I was one of those ‘troubled’ adolescents that Lingo took to the mountains.

    For those who desire it, please stop by

    • I congratulate you, Marv, for contributing to humankind and to the future historians. You’ve done excellent job and I appreciate you!


  24. Hi All,

    I’ve tried numerous techniques for clicking my amygdala forward many, many times over the past year (the feather technique, the light beam meditation, some of Neil Slade’s stuff…) and it just isn’t happening.

    It’s kind of baffling because I normally click right in with these types of things — things related to imagination, creativity, energy work, etc.

    Does anyone have any further tips or suggestions that might help me to click my amygdala forward much more readily?


    • I’ve been giving your post a lot of thought and finally felt that I should stop in and share something.

      Many years back, my daughter and I would take yearly car trips together. Usually to see family or for some other important reason, but for one reason or another, we usually went alone. Then one year, my wife was available to travel with us. We headed out on the road and in less than a day my wife was ready to catch a plane home.

      You see, my daughter and I traveled to every destination our own way. When we saw something interesting, we’d stop. My wife, who almost traveled for a living, was used to getting in the car, put the foot down and get going! She couldn’t take the way my daughter and I traveled. And yet, in the end, we both did get to our destination.

      In the same way, I entreat you to relax on your journey to super consciousness. I could say something like ‘getting there is half the trip,’ but in reality, getting there IS the journey. This is not something like other things “things related to imagination, creativity, energy work, etc.” And though they are related, to say that “I can do this, there fore I can do that” is truly a disservice to both.

      When I was 8 years old, Lingo taught me to use my double bladed ax to fell a tree. I had been using the ax to chop fallen wood and he felt it was time to move on to vertical wood. The next year, another member our camp, who was new and who was a bit older than me, watched me fell a tree and thought he should be able to do the same thing, because he was older than me. Lingo told him that I had more experience and that he needed to learn from experience before he picked up such a tool. Lingo had him chop fallen wood and not trees.

      Clicking the Amydlala takes time and practice. But more than that, getting there is part of it, part of the experience and part of your journey.

      What I’m trying to put down here without belittling your efforts is that in addition to the experience of ‘getting there’, the experience is it’s own reward. Clicking the Amygadla takes practice and knowing other creative energy things doesn’t really help in this case. It may open you up to the experience, but it’s sort of like trying to describe the taste of the color purple.

      Relax and enjoy the ride, knowing you will get there – in your own way, in your own fashion; but you will get there.

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