Mystics, Sages, Saints and Gurus

The Psychophysiological Principle states:

Any experience that you have, you have only while you are having a specific brain wave pattern. If your brain wave patterns change then your experience will change.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A did a preliminary study in these “Ecstatic” States of Consciousness, Epsilon, Gamma, HyperGamma, Lambda Brainwave Activity, following the previous premises this might be of interest:

Brain mapping research studies into different brainwave patterns associated with different states of consciousness has been carried out in major centers throughout the country. The normal range of brainwave frequency activity in the cortex neurons has traditionally been from 0.5 Hz Delta to 30.0 Hz Beta. Most of the early brainwave research was concerned with sleep studies. From these studies, it became accepted brainwave nomenclature to associate Beta activity with externally directed linear thinking mental activity, Alpha activity with internally directed non-linear mental activity, Theta with dreaming sleep, emotional elements and experiences and Delta with the deepest and most physically restorative portion of sleep.

In non-sleeping states, these brainwave patterns are associated with various states of “waking” consciousness. High levels of Beta are associated with high levels of focus and concentration, Alpha is associated with inner mental “pondering,” Theta with original, creative inspiration, problem solving, visualization and Delta with deep physical relaxation.
In meditation studies, Alpha brain states are associated with a typical “Zen” meditation, in which the attention is in a state of “open focus.” In this state, one’s attention is directed to everything simultaneously. Theta brain states are associated with out of body or astral forms of mediation. In these states, one usually experiences seeing the guru, experiencing places of beauty or peace, and sometimes receiving great spiritual insights with associated visions and sounds. These Theta states are also associated with the classic Shamanic “journeying” experiences. Delta mediation states are associated with being in the void or “white light” states. These states are timeless, formless and linked to states of suspended animation. Deep-level Yogic adepts can slow respiration and heart beat to be virtually undetectable.

Studies here at the Center for Neuroacoustic Research have shown clear and repeated evidence, in patients, of brainwave frequency patterns below the traditionally accepted lowest Delta rhythms of 0.5 Hz. This would be brainwave activity as slow as one quarter cycle per second, one frequency per 10 seconds, per one minute, or even longer. Indications of ultra-slow frequencies are evident on the EEG traces of certain patients experiencing extraordinary states of consciousness. These states seem to be associated with very high states of meditation, ecstatic states of consciousness, high-level inspiration states, spiritual insight and out-of-body experiences. Some of the higher Yogic states of suspended animation associated with deepest Delta brain states actually continue deeper into these below-Delta brainwave states, which we are calling the Epsilon State (Epsilon, since it is the next Greek letter of the alphabet after Delta).
In order to explore these deeper extraordinary states of consciousness associated with Epsilon brainwave patterns, we have had to use traditional EEG equipment in unique ways and to initiate the design of specialized EEG equipment to measure frequencies this slow. Most regular EEG equipment is not set up to measure frequencies below 0.5 Hz.
We have also noticed that whenever there are extraordinary meditation states present, brainwave electrical activity between the right/left hemispheres tends to synchronize. This synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres seems to only happen in special circumstances of consciousness – the “aha” state, the moment when the answer to a problem occurs, creative inspiration, great insight and moments of awareness of one’s own existence.

There have also been reports in the EEG literature from other researchers, that there is evidence of extraordinary states of consciousness associated with higher-than-Beta brainwave activity. These brainwave patterns go from 40 Hz and above – in some cases, as high as 100 Hz or more. The 40 Hz higher-than-Beta activity is now an accepted brainwave state in EEG nomenclature being referred to as “Gamma” brainwaves. We are calling brainwave frequency patterns significantly higher than 40 Hz “Hyper-Gamma” brainwave states. More recently, there have been reports by EEG researchers of ecstatic states of consciousness associated with brainwave frequencies of 200 Hz, we are calling these frequencies “Lambda” brainwave states.

Early evidence of the 40 Hz EEG brain activity from the Neuroscience Unit at the University of Birmingham has shown these frequencies to be associated with higher levels of brain organization “binding” information from all the senses together for a higher-level awareness of unity of the objects of our perception. Gamma rhythms also seem to be associated exclusively with higher mental activity, including perception and consciousness. – since Gamma activity disappears with general anesthesia. There is also evidence that Gamma frequencies appearing in different areas of the cortex synchronize themselves together in a more holographic manner during these extraordinary states of consciousness associated with “Shamanic” and “Mystical” experience.

The states of consciousness that appear to be associated with HyperGamma brainwave activity (at 100 Hz) and Lambda brainwave activity (at 200 Hz) seem to be described in exactly the same terms as we have been describing our discovery of Epsilon (below 0.5 Hz) over the years. It has seemed extraordinary that different groups of EEG researchers, independent of one another, should find the same states of consciousness associated with such divergent brainwave activity – below 0.5 Hz Delta to above 100 Hz HyperGamma to 200 Hz Lambda.

There seems to be a circular link between these two extremes of brainwave activity and the states of consciousness which they represent. They appear to be associated with the type of extraordinary states of consciousness we find in the highest states of meditation, deepest levels of insight, personal original creative problem solving and high degrees of Self-awareness. We have surmised that these extremely slow Epsilon brainwave patterns might have extremely fast HyperGamma/Lambda brainwave patterns modulating within them – just as the Hyper-Gamma/Lambda brainwave patterns are “riding” on a super slow Epsilon modulation.

Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi.

“The Big Mind process will deliver a profound experience of your highest self and biggest heart, and deliver the greatest insights of both the East and the West by integrating Zen and Western psychology.

Once you’ve walked through the Big Mind process, the door to the transcendent is open, and practice will let you deepen that recognition.”

This is truly valuable. It is self-psychology and spiritual expansion with immediate results.

Big-Mind Big-Heart is a part of Ken Wilber’s Integral Life Practice kit:

Brain and Behavior Researcher T.D.A. Lingo, Ph.B., B.Sci. M.A.

TD Lingo started in 1957 researching these ‘mystic states’ and he came up with a method he called Brain Self-Control and fruit of his work culminated in a Pragmatic Growth Curriculum Self-Transcendence Workbook. Lingo wrote many permutations of the book but revisions stopped when he left our world. There is version 1.0 and 1.1  – None of these is ‘bullet proof’ that will guarantee your transcendence but hey give it a try perhaps?

Version what I like to call 1.0 is FREE! Download it by “clicking me”.

— View or download this ‘Beautifully Photographed Historical Narrative of a Great Genius’ : Life and Works of T.D.A Lingo

Lingo talked of “amygdala clicking”, and “multiple orgasms” but this is not representative of Lingo’s work. The 3 major components of Lingo’s work were:

1) Primal Nature, 2) Self-Therapy.

Lingo based his Primal Nature component upon the works of the American Transcendentalist movement, represented by the like of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau, etc. Lingo also often used the Thoreau phrase: “”In Wildness Is the Preservation of the World.” Nature was the natural healing agent that the modern brain needed to clear it of cultural entropy. According to Lingo, only by identify past traumas, dealing with them via “Self Trauma Drama, rewriting the “scene”, and then forgiving could one attain self-realization.

3) The last component that TD felt was imperative to self-realization, and to physical/intellectual/emotional/spiritual maturity was the “community service” component.

According to Lingo, only when one was willing to give/work for others in a non-egotistically manner could he/she truly mature. Lingo taught that community service should not be seen as a means to an end, but as an end in itself. Lingo always judged the validity of any program by the emphasis they put on true community service, and the willingness of the leaders of any group to persuade/lead others into performing community service. Lingo’s major goal was to help the individual attain full emotional maturation in order to save planet earth. You mature by doing your therapy within primal nature, and you help save the planet by helping others and working for the good of others and the planet and that is what Lingo wanted.

Pandit Gopi Krishna

Born (1903–1984) of India was a yogi, mystic, teacher, social reformer, and writer. His autobiography is known under the title Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man.

After having been engaged in Meditation for many years, he had his first Kundalini experience at the age of 34, which he describes thus in his autobiography.

“Suddenly, with a roar like that of a waterfall, I felt a stream of liquid light entering my brain through the spinal cord. Entirely unprepared for such a development, I was completely taken by surprise; but regaining my self-control, keeping my mind on the point of concentration. The illumination grew brighter and brighter, the roaring louder, I experienced a rocking sensation and then felt myself slipping out of my body, entirely enveloped in a halo of light. It is impossible to describe the experience accurately. I felt the point of consciousness that was myself growing wider surrounded by waves of light. It grew wider and wider, spreading outward while the body, normally the immediate object of its perception, appeared to have receded into the distance until I became entirely unconscious of it. I was now all consciousness without any outline, without any idea of corporeal appendage, without any feeling or sensation coming from the senses, immersed in a sea of light simultaneously conscious and aware at every point, spread out, as it were, in all directions without any barrier or material obstruction. I was no longer myself, or to be more accurate, no longer as I knew myself to be, a small point of awareness confined to a body, but instead was a vast circle of consciousness in which the body was but a point, bathed in light and in a state of exultation and happiness impossible to describe.”

(Photo: This reading was Taken by dr.Jim Hardt from Biocybernaut Institute. This EEG shows Kundalini brainwave activity of Bill’s Brain the Director of Centerpointe Research Institute. 🙂 – A Waking Mystic/Shamanic Delta?)

According to June McDaniel, his writings have influenced Western interest in kundalini yoga. He wrote many books and traveled all over the world giving lectures. He came to feel the kundalini experience underlies all (or most) religions that started with a personal revelation. He could see kundalini iconography in cultures worldwide, from ancient Egypt to Quetzalcoatl to the caduceus of Mercury, and believed there was a common basis, and that he had been granted entry to this vision. Gopi Krishna theorized that the brain was in a state of organic evolution, and that the rising of Kundalini into the brain would open a normally silent chamber called brahma-randra in the yogic tradition. Krishna worked tirelessly to promote the scientific investigation of kundalini in the human frame, hypothesizing that this energy was leading humankind towards the goal of Higher Consciousness.

  • Paramahansa Yogananda

    Paramahansa Yogananda

    (January 5, 1893–March 7, 1952), born Mukunda Lal Ghosh (Bengali: মুকুন্দ লাল ঘোষ Mukundo Lal Ghosh), was an Indian yogi and guru who introduced many westerners to the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga through his book, Autobiography of a Yogi.

    Yogananda taught his students the need for direct experience of truth, as opposed to blind belief. He said that “The true basis of religion is not belief, but intuitive experience. Intuition is the soul’s power of knowing God. To know what religion is really all about, one must know God.”

    Echoing traditional Hindu teachings, he taught that the entire universe is God’s cosmic motion picture, and that individuals are merely actors in the divine play who change roles through reincarnation. He taught that mankind’s deep suffering is rooted in identifying too closely with one’s current role, rather than with the movie’s director, or God.

    He taught Kriya Yoga and other meditation practices to help people achieve that understanding, which he called Self Realization. In his book he explains;

    “The Kriya Yogi mentally directs his life energy to revolve, upward and downward, around the six spinal centers (medullary, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal plexuses) which correspond to the twelve astral signs of the zodiac, the symbolic Cosmic Man. One-half minute of revolution of energy around the sensitive spinal cord of man effects subtle progress in his evolution; that half-minute of Kriya equals one year of natural spiritual unfoldment”

    Self-Realization Fellowship: Official Site of Paramahansa Yogananda:

Swami Rama is an mystic from India who spend early part of his life in himalayas. one of the most famous book of swami rama is “living with himalayan masters”.

Here are some selected quotes of swami rama of himalayas:

Guru is the disciple’s guide through life, through the mysterious terrain of the spiritual heart, and into and beyond the realm of death. Happiness is within and the source is the center of consciousness, love, and wisdom.

Modern man is too impatient and wants to master the art of meditation immediately.

What is good and what is right, thinking makes it so. Surrender the mind for a while to God consciousness, and you will find peace.
One who dwells in the domain of the Atman does not belong to a particular family, society, or nation. Rather, he is part of all of humanity. He loves the welfare of all, as much as he loves his own Atman.

Truth is that Divine Force that dwells in every individual’s heart. It is the all-pervading, eternal Reality, uniting all individuals, and finally, linking all of existence in one divine awareness. That Divine Force is called God.
If your dearest one stands in the way of Self-realization, tread over him, forsake him, go beyond. If your beloved stands in the way of Self-realization, cast her aside. Your trusted friend is Truth and Truth alone.

Belief in God, and experiencing the presence of God at every moment, are two different things. Before the actual direct experience of the Truth, one may believe in the existence of God, but that belief remains imperfect.
If you learn to go beyond the jabbering of your mind, and can go to the deeper aspects of your consciousness, then body, breath, and mind will not come in your way.

The simple method to enlightenment is to first know yourself. Learn to work with yourself; don’t give up in that. Give up on anything else, but don’t give up that goal. Remind yourself, “I will continue to work with myself. I can do it, I will do it, and I must do it.” Remember these three sentences: “I can do it. I will do it, and I must do it.”

The spiritual seeker should not worry about who the guru is, or what the guru will do. The seeker’s first concern is getting prepared, organizing his or her life and thoughts in a spiritually healthy way, and then working toward a way of life that simplifies and purifies. At the right time the master will be there.

Meditation is a very powerful thing that gives helpful vibrations to all. When you meditate, it definitely affects your children. If you record the brain waves of a child who is sleeping while you are meditating, you will find a difference. Even your plants and your pets are affected when you meditate. Instead of imposing your ego or your emotional problems on your children in the name of discipline, please discipline yourself, and then your children will also learn.

Ananandamayi Ma


It is the craze for wealth that binds people. To be in bondage means to destroy yourself.

My consciousness has never associated itself with this temporary body. Before I came on this earth ‘I was the same’. As a little girl ‘I was the same’. ………. Ever afterward, though the dance of creation change around me, in the hall of eternity ‘I shall be the same’.

He alone knows to whom He will reveal Himself under which form. By what path and in what manner He attracts any particular man to Himself with great force is incomprehensible to the human intellect. The Path differs indeed for different pilgrims.

Enquire: ‘Who am I?’ and you will find the answer. Look at a tree: from one seed arises a huge tree; from it comes numerous seeds, each one of which in its turn grows into a tree. No two fruits are alike. Yet it is one life that throbs in every particle of the tree. So, it is the same Atman (soul) everywhere.

Grace is all the time showering like the rain; one should do a little bit of spiritual practice just in order that one is able to grasp it. The little bit of power you have – employ that! Read the sacred texts, take his name, do chanting – as much as you have power to do, go on doing. After that, He is there to do all that is to be done. The stomach does not get filled if the morsel of food is only put into the mouth.

If you just place yourself under the protection of a Guru, then the path which is most suitable for you will by itself open up to you.

Always bear this in mind: Everything is in God’s hands, and you are His tool to be used by Him as He pleases. Try to grasp the significance of ‘all is His’. and you will immediately feel free from all burdens. What will be the result of your surrender to Him? None will seem alien, all will be your very own Self.

Verily, this body is also an utensil for puja (worship); do remember that this is an utensil for puja, and do try to utilize it only for the purpose of puja, and only then will you see that even the inside is becoming clean.

The individual suffers because he perceives duality. Find the One everywhere and in everything and there will be an end to pain and suffering.

Joys and sorrows are time-born and cannot last. Therefore, do not be perturbed by these. The greater the difficulties and obstructions, the more intense will be your endeavour to cling to His feet and the more will your prayer increase from within. And when the time is ripe, you will gain mastery over this power.

Jesus Christ Sayings:

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see god.
Blessed is the man who has suffered; he has found life.
The kingdom is within you and it is without you.
Cleave a piece of wood and i am there;
lift up the stone and you will find me there.
If you will know yourselves, then you will be known
and you will know that you are the sons of the living father.
But if you do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty and you are poverty.
He (Jesus Christ) sat down, and called the twelve, and saith unto them,
if any man Desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all.
I will give you what the eye has not seen, and what the ear has not heard,
and what the hand has not touched, and what has not arisen in the heart of man.
Blessed are the solitary and elect, for you shall find the Kingdom;
and because you come from it you shall go there again.
If they ask you, ’what is the sign of your father in you?’
say to them, ’it is a movement and a rest.’
If they say to you, ’from where have you originated?’
say to them, ’We have come from the light, where the light originated through itself.’
Whoever is near to me is near to the fire,
and whoever is far From me is far from the kingdom.
Whoever drinks from my mouth shall become as i am
and i myself will become he, and the hidden things shall be revealed to him.
Ye have heard that it hath been said, thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.
But i say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you,
and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.
Jesus said: it is impossible for a man to mount two horses and to stretch two bows;
and it is impossible for a servant to serve two masters, otherwise he will honor the one and offend the other.
Jesus said: the mote that is in thy brother’s eye thou seest,
but the beam that is in thine eye thou seest not.
Jesus said: When thou castest the beam out of thine eye,
then thou wilt see clearly to cast the mote out of thy brother’s eye.
Jesus saw children who were being suckled. He said to his disciples: these
Children who are being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom.
They said to him: shall we then, being children, enter the kingdom?
Jesus said to them: when you make the two one,
and when you make the inner as the outer
and the outer as the inner, and the above as the below, and
When you make the male and the female into a single one,
so that the male 2ill not be male and the female not be female,
then shall you enter the kingdom.

Lao Tzu – Chinese Philosopher

The specific date of birth of Lao Tzu is unknown. Legends vary, but scholars place his birth between 600 and 300 B.C.E. Lao Tzu is attributed with the writing of the “Tao-Te Ching,” (tao—meaning the way of all life, te—meaning the fit use of life by men, and ching—meaning text or classic). Lao Tzu was not his real name, but an honorific given the sage, meaning “Old Master.”

Lao Tzu Quotes

If the people are simple and free from desire, then the clever ones never dare to interfere.
To know that you have enough is to be rich.
Practise action without striving and all will be in order.
The True Person does not wish to be great and therefore becomes truly great.
Those who know do not speak.
Those who speak do not know.
The True Person avoids extremes, self-indulgence, and extravagance.
There is no greater offence than harbouring desires.
There is no greater disaster than discontent.
There is no greater misfortune than wanting more.
Develop the strength of a man, but live as gently as a woman.
A person of high virtue is not conscious of virtue and therefore possesses Virtue. A person of little virtue tries to be virtuous and therefore lacks Virtue.

      Shirdi Sai Baba Quotes

  1. No harm shall befall him who sets his foot on the soil of Shirdi.
  2. He who cometh to My Samadhi, his sorrow and suffering shall cease.
  3. Though I be no more in flesh and blood, I shall ever protect My devotees.
  4. Trust in Me and your prayer shall be answered.
  5. Know that My Spirit is immortal. Know this for yourself.
  6. Show unto Me he who sought refuge and been turned away.
  7. In whatever faith men worship Me, even so do I render to them.
  8. Not in vain is My Promise that I shall ever lighten your burden.
  9. Knock, and the door shall open. Ask and ye shall be granted.
  10. To him who surrenders unto Me totally I shall be ever indebted.
  11. Blessed is he who has become one with Me.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is an mystic from India and is founder of Isha yoga foundation:

If you are rooted in reality there will be no fear.
Whatever is your highest, you just contemplate upon that. Your inner and outer purity will happen naturally.
A devotee has no other goal except to dissolve into his object of devotion. But you have your own personal agenda and still you call yourself a devotee.
When you wanting to know some thing is so Intense that you are willing to die for it, then knowing is not far away.
Without working on human consciousness, trying to change social or national or global realities means there is no serious intention.
In reality there is only Now. If you know how to handle this moment you know how to handle the whole eternity.
The guru is someone who continuously punctures your ego, yet is your friend.
If you are not half hearted, if you are a full blooded involvement with everything that you are doing you will see every simple thing is a miracle.
People have come to the conclusion that body means pain. And yet, just the right food, practices and a little change in attitude, and this body becomes a miracle.
Man needs entertainment simply to hide his madness. If he was perfectly sane, he would not need entertainment. He could just sit and watch this bamboo grow. He does not really need entertainment.
Positive thinking is about trying to escape reality. It’s about wanting to look at one side of life, and missing out on another. You may ignore the other, but the other will not ignore you. Right now, you can choose to ignore a black cloud in the sky, but it’s not going to ignore you.
The world is trying to do so many things. We’re trying to go to the moon, to Mars, but, fundamentally, I feel the most important thing is human consciousness, the quality of life here. How happy we are here simply depends on how we are within ourselves.

Sri Ramana Maharshi (Tamil: ரமண மஹரிஷி) (December 30, 1879 – April 14, 1950),

After supposedly having attained liberation at the age of 16, he left home for Arunachala, a mountain considered sacred by Hindus, at Tiruvannamalai, and lived there for the rest of his life. Sri Ramana maintained that the purest form of his teachings was the powerful silence which radiated from his presence and quieted the minds of those attuned to it. He gave verbal teachings only for the benefit of those who could not understand his silence (or, perhaps, could not understand how to attain the silent state). His verbal teachings were said to flow from his direct experience of Atman as the only existing reality. When asked for advice, he recommended self-enquiry as the fastest path to moksha. Though his primary teaching is associated with Non-dualism, Advaita Vedanta, and Jnana yoga, he recommended Bhakti to those he saw were fit for it, and gave his approval to a variety of paths and practices.

Some quotes:

Peace is your natural state. It is the mind that obstructs the natural state.
The ego’s phenomenal existence is transcended when you dive into the source from where the `I’-thought rises.

When you give up thinking of outward objects and prevent your mind from going outwards by turning it inwards and fixing it in the Self, the Self alone remains.

The world is not external. Because you identify yourself wrongly with the body you see the world outside, and its pain becomes apparent to you. But they are not real. Seek the reality and get rid of this unreal feeling.

The idea of time is only in your mind. It is not in the Self. There is no time for the Self. Time arises as an idea after the ego arises. But you are the Self beyond time and space. You exist even in the absence of time and space.

The more you get fixed in the Self the more other thoughts will drop off of themselves. The mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts, and the `I’-thought is the root of all of them. When you see who this `I’ is and find out where it comes from all thoughts get merged in the Self.

The quality of food influences the mind. The mind feeds on the food consumed.

We imagine that we will realize that Self some time, whereas we are never anything but the Self.

In the proximity of a great master, the vasanas (Desires) cease to be active, the mind becomes still and samadhi results. Thus the disciple gains true knowledge and right experience in the presence of the master. To remain unshaken in it further efforts are necessary. Eventually the disciple will know it to be his real being and will thus be liberated even while alive.

All other knowledge are only petty and trivial knowledge; the experience of silence alone is the real and perfect knowledge.

After the rise of the `I’-thought there is the false identification of the `I’ (Self) with the body, the senses, the mind, etc. `I’ is wrongly associated with them and the true `I’ is lost sight of.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (birth name: Maruti Shivrampant Kambli) (April 17, 1897 – September 8, 1981) was an Indian spiritual teacher and philosopher of Advaita (Nondualism), and a Guru, belonging to the Inchgiri branch of the Navnath Sampradaya.

One of the 20th century’s exponents of the school of Advaita Vedanta philosophy (nondualism), Sri Nisargadatta, with his direct and minimalistic explanation of non-dualism, is considered the most famous teacher of Advaita since Ramana Maharshi.

“We are the creators and creatures of each other,
causing and bearing each other’s burden.”

I find that somehow, by shifting the focus of attention, I become the very
thing I look at, and experience the kind of consciousness it has; I become
the inner witness of the thing. I call this capacity of entering other
focal points of consciousness, love; you may give it any name you like.
Love says “I am everything”. Wisdom says “I am nothing”. Between the two,
my life flows. Since at any point of time and space I can be both the
subject and the object of experience, I express it by saying that I am
both, and neither, and beyond both. (269)

Unless you make tremendous efforts, you will not be convinced that
effort will take you nowhere. The self is so self-confident that
unless it is totally discouraged it will not give up. Mere verbal
conviction is not enough. Hard facts alone can show the absolute
nothingness of the self-image. (523)


A quiet mind is all you need. All else will happen rightly, once your
mind is quiet. As the sun on rising makes the world active, so does
self-awareness affect changes in the mind. In the light of calm and
steady self-awareness, inner energies wake up and work miracles
without any effort on your part. (311)

“The world is like a sheet of paper on which something is typed. The
reading and the meaning will vary with the reader, but the paper is
the common factor, always present, rarely perceived. When the ribbon
is removed, typing leaves no trace on the paper. So is my mind – the
impressions keep on coming, but no trace is left.”(225)

When you demand nothing of the world, nor of God, when you want nothing,
seek nothing, expect nothing, then the Supreme State will come to you
uninvited and unexpected. (195)

“All that a guru can tell you is:
‘My dear Sir, you are quite mistaken aboutyourself.
You are not the person you take yourself to be.'” (443)

“There is no such thing as a person.
There are only restrictions and limitations.
The sum total of these defines the person. (…)
The person merely appears to be, like
the space within the pot appears to have the shape and volume
and smell of the pot.”

By all means attend to your duties. Action, in which you are not
emotionally involved and which is beneficial and does not cause
suffering will not bind you. You may be engaged in several directions
and work with enormous zest, yet remain inwardly free and quiet, with
a mirror like mind, which reflects all, without being affected. (50)

“To expound and propogate concepts is simple,
to drop all concepts is difficult and rare”

“There is nothing to practise. To know yourself, be yourself. To be
yourself, stop imagining yourself to be this or that. Just be. Let
your true nature emerge. Don’t disturb your mind with seeking”

I am That PG 259 (Chetana version)

The consciousness in you and the consciousness in me, apparently two, really
one, seek unity and that is love. (70)

In people with devotion,
even with limited intellect,
the intellect is not making mischief,
as it is here.

This is the place where the intellect gets annihilated.

Consciousness and the Absolute, chapter 32

There was a house, and in the house there was a person; now the
person is gone and the house is demolished. The sum total is,
whatever experiences you have, whether for a day or for years, it is
all illusion. The experiences begin with knowingness.
What is the most ingrained habit you have? It is to say “I Am’. This
is the root habit. Words and experiences are unworthy of you. This
habit of experiencing will not go until you realize that all this
domain of the five elements, are unreal, This “I Amness” is itself unreal.

Consciousness and the Absolute, pg. 48
Nisargadatta Discussion group

M: Start with the body. From the body you get the knowledge of `I
am’. In this process you become more and more subtle. When you are in
a position to witness the knowledge `I am’, you have reach the
highest. In this way you must try to understand, and the seeds of
knowledge will sprout in you.

When you come to the end of material world-knowledge, at that stage
you transcend the observer and the observed. That means that you are
in a true state of being-ness. Thereafter, you enter the state of
transcending being-ness, where the identities of the observer and
observed disappear.

Suppose somebody abuses you and you find out who it is. Is it the
body? It is not the body. Then what could it be? Finally you come to
the conclusion that it is spontaneously happening out of whatever
that body is. You will not attribute it to any individual. When your
individuality is dissolved, you will not see individuals anywhere, it
is just a functioning in consciousness. If it clicks in you, it is
very easy to understand. If it does not, it is most difficult. It is
very profound and very simple, if understood right. What I am saying
is not the general run of common spiritual knowledge.

When you reach a state when body is transcended, mind is transcended
and consciousness is also transcended; from then on all is merely
happening out of consciousness, which is the outcome of the body, and
there is no authority or doer-ship. When a sound is emanating out of
a body, it is not that somebody is talking, it is just words
emanating, just happening, not doing.

If you understand the basis thoroughly,
it will lead you very far, deep into spirituality.

The Absolute alone prevails. There is nothing but the Absolute. The
un-manifest manifested itself, that manifest state is Guru and it is universal.

Who is the one who recognizes this body-mind? This `I Am-ness’ which
recognizes the body-mind is without name and form, it is already there.

June 27, 1981 Page 108
Consciousness and the Absolute


June 30,1981

Maharaj: All knowledge is like the son of a barren woman.
Presently there are only beingness and functioning.
The individuality and personality are thrown overboard.
There is no personality, so there is no question of birth, life, or death.
What remains is only the consciousness without name or form.
The form needs a name, but when both are not there,
then the consciousness remains only for so long as the body is there,
but without any individuality.
The body is of as much use now as it was prior to birth and after death.
How do you know me?
You know me only the acquisition of body form, name and form.
Do you really see me as I am? I doubt it.
Now the conclusion is that the unborn is enjoying the birth-principle.
That principle that is born took so much time to understand this,
and is it is the unborn only which prevails.
It took so much time for the Self to understand the Self.
We have tied around our necks so many concepts; death, this “I AM”,etc.
Similarly, Concepts, of good and evil are unnecessary.
We have developed these concepts and are caught in them.
How does one think about Self-knowledge?
Do you abide in the Self or in the process do you think of something else as the Self?
You are wrapped up and lost in your concepts.
For instance, you have a concept about friendship.
How long do you keep your friends? You keep them so long as they are useful to you.
So long as a friend is of some benefit to you,
that’s how long you would like to keep that friendship.
Now, how can I actually derive benefit out of a friend?
I, as an individual, am not there, so how can there be a question of benefit?
Benefit to whom? How can there be a question of friendship at all.
Anybody, who comes here can sit. I will allow him to sit for some time,
but later on I will say, “You may leave,” Why?
Because I have no intention or purpose of having any friendship with that person.
Ordinarily, there is some purpose for deriving certain benefits out of an association with another.
When you meet someone in friendship, there may be some intention to serve one another.
But I have no friends. Even this “I Amness” will not remain as my friend.
I am not able to talk any longer—the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
Previously I used to welcome people but now I am not in a position to welcome them.
They come, they sit and they go by themselves. I cannot even extend my hospitality.
All my knowledge has gone into liquidation. I am unconcerned.

Consciousness and the Absolute 112-114

Pleasure puts you to sleep and pain wakes you up. If you don’t
want to suffer, don’t go to sleep.

“Life ceases to be a task


6 thoughts on “Mystics, Sages, Saints and Gurus

  1. When i first read Gopi Krishna’s Autobiography ” Kundalini : The Evolutionary Energy in Man” paperback edition published by ” Orient paperbacks Price Rs 8 Life changed since then. I am now in my 61 year since and an echo of unparalle crescendo is always audible to me day and night…A few years ago when I spent nearly 10 years in himalayas and on the foothills of himalayas I encountered strange visions of moving circles pattens formed of living Energy like silvery streaks with violet radiation woven around such light. Whereever my sight moved these patterns would accompany on the object viewed. i experienced this nearly hundreds of times in my life but in 2008 I suddenly encountered Brain Stroke and was pulled back to Delhi by my family for treatments from Neuro-surgeons in Max Super Speciality. These experienes stopped since then but some new features in my emotions are developing which I never earlier felt all my life. Ashok Sharma

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